Why Your Secure Email Server Could Be Holding Company Back

is your Secure Email Server lurking in some dark corner of your workplace, like a ghost from eons previous? If you're still relying on an outdated piece of kit to process your incoming and outgoing messages, you may assume that it isn't worth worrying about till you notice that you're having issues sending or receiving email messages. A greater strategy, however, is to be proactive and look into upgrading or replacing it earlier than it impacts your company... and your potential to communicate with clients, employees, and vendors.

That is very true when you consider that many old Secure Email Server aren't simply outdated, but work slowly and sporadically. Which means messages are sometimes being delayed for a lot longer than they should be, and that you just run the risk of having customers not be capable to contact you - or vice versa.

And even when that weren't enough, there is a fair better reason to eliminate that old electronic Secure Email Server: You may get better performance, at a greater worth, by having your e-mail processed by means of a dedicated server in the cloud. Once you make the swap to a hosted electronic mail package, you get loads of huge advantages, equivalent to:

Sooner, more dependable email. In case your emails course of slowly, or occasionally do not come by way of in any respect, then you definitely already know what a problem this may be. With an off-site system, you get quicker, more reliable supply, since you are gaining access to the perfect in server tools, with constant monitoring and updates.

Higher e mail security. As a result of cloud systems transmit Secure Email Server backwards and forwards utilizing the strongest encryption, your emails are literally safer than they had been with an in-workplace server. Plus, off-web site email platforms feature automated backups, virus monitoring, spam protection, and more.

Email from anywhere. Best of all, your email system no longer needs to be restricted to the tools in your workplace, which means it's easier to entry from in all places - together with on the go from smartphones, tablets, and different internet-ready mobile devices.

Electronic mail, like the telephone before it, has become an ordinary business device that all of us rely on every day. Given that your company probably can't perform at full strength without it, why take possibilities and harm your productiveness with an outdated Secure Email Server situated in your workplace, especially when you can have better performance at a really low value?