Secure Email Server Encription

Has anybody asked you about having your mail encrypted? What is it for? You might have answered, "Email Encryption? Don't the paranoid people do that?" Most of the time, other people would have the same answer and it may be even true. True if the case is you are only sending your latest high school reunion pictures to a number of your office mates and the whole family. Encrypting your mails would be overkill; however, more often than not, people also use mails for business and personal reasons to send banking information, secret passwords, and others without really knowing the risks involved.

In most cases, almost all messages are sent in plain text over the web without having any kind of encryption, although an electronic mail protocol having the capability of supporting encryption does not have any dependable measure to assure or enforce end-to-end encryption. Even mail services like Gmail, which supports encryption between their service and your personal computer, cannot guarantee that your mail will be sent securely between their email server and the Secure email server of your recipient. Most of the time this happens when the email server of your recipient does not offer encryption support so Gmail will be forced to transmit your email in plain text instead. The same is essentially applicable to all personal and corporate mail environments.

If you use email encryption solutions, then you will have powerful cryptography techniques to guarantee that your emails are both kept and transmitted securely. This will make sure that only you and your email recipients will be the only ones to have the capability to decrypt your message data. You also have the ability to control the number of views per email, set limited start and stop time for email message viewing, set expiration dates for the emails, and also have revoke email viewing privileges.

With an email encryption solution for your company, you will be able to have maximum email security. It is easy to use as it does not require you to install any software. You can receive, send, forward, and reply secure email server messages without dealing with any new email interface or special steps to be done. Apart from that, there are companies that provide solutions that guard you against phishing. This will basically allow email recipients to recognize you as a trusted source. With an encryption solution for your emails, you will have no problems sending large files since it guarantees that the files it is sending are safe for the receiving party.

Find the best company online that can provide you with email encryption solutions. This will ultimately give you a secured email server communication channel for you and your associates without the hassles of learning a new program or interface just to send an email. Businesses will have another reason to acquire such solutions since more of the companies providing encryption of email solutions offer them at affordable prices.